A love letter to my Dad

Today marks seventeen years since an incredible man left us. You probably didn’t know him but if you know me, you’ve see more than...

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Is addiction a disease?

Not everyone agrees addiction is a disease. Does it help or hinder recovering addicts to think about their struggles in this way?...

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How is substance use different in men and women?

Should treatment of substance use disorders in men and women be individualized? Research provides key differences between use of marijuana,...

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Beyond Depression – Therapy Lights

Starting as large, expensive boxes, therapy lights have gone beyond seasonal depression. Ranging in size, they are about to become your...

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Divorce: Wisdom from the Kitchen

It’s been said that how you’re married is how you’ll divorce. In my experience, the right ingredients and cooking methods can make a...

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Perfection: Growing Out of Pristine into Good Enough

As a recovering perfectionist, I can recall many times when I chose endless revisions to an email or school paper over sanity. Through the...

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