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Dr. Laura L. Walsh is a clinical psychologist, addictions expert, author, and educator. She is the Director of the Wilmette Counseling Center and co-founder of the addiction and recovery firm, Resolute Recovery. She earned a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology with a emphasis in Substance Use Disorders. She won a coveted academic research award for her original study, “Addiction Factors Within Obesity,” as well as multiple other accolades for her work. An award winning researcher, professional author and keynote speaker, her current interest is the regulatory intersection of substances on ADHD symptoms.

Threatening the Bonds That Tie Us

So many times, we fear changing because of what it will do to the important relationships in our lives. ...

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No one’s gonna read your blog

I’ve got these voices in my head that seemingly got installed or evolved through the course of my upbringing. ...

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Disclaimers: A different kind of informed consent

Part of my job is to see clients in my private practice. I love my job and take my role and responsibilities very seriously....

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