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Laura Walsh



Dr. Laura L. Walsh is a founding member of the addiction and recovery consulting firm, Resolute Recovery, LLC. As professional author and keynote speaker, Dr. Walsh has engaged both professional and lay audiences in education and workshops on topics ranging from the neurobiology of addiction and ADHD to recognizing codependency in relationships.

An award winning researcher, her current interests are in the applications of evidence based practices to substance and process addictions to discover innovations in treatment. Currently located on the north shore of Chicago, she is in private psychotherapy practice at the Wilmette Counseling Center.

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Writing & Talks 

overcoming problems

Practical application of information is a key focus for Dr. Walsh.  Whether it’s writing about addictions, topics brought up in therapy, or academic research or speaking about ADHD and food issues, insights should be within grasp of the listener.  When we can immediately understand and apply new learning, it sticks and becomes meaningful.


Creating talks for your learning style and job.  Engaging, funny and authentic, Dr. Walsh is available for professional writing and speaking engagements.

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Did you know adults with ADHD earn on average 33% less than their counterparts?  Learn to leverage your ADHD into a entrepreneurial superpower.

Professional ADHD Consulting and Coaching

Creating your ADHD brain owner’s manual is no joke.  When executive function issues like organization, time management, emotional reactivity, and planning are channeled, the sky’s the limit.

Did you know?

Adults with ADHD earn on average 33% less than their counterparts? Learn to leverage your ADHD into a entrepreneurial superpower.

Leadership business coaching, specific to managing symptoms of ADHD.

Objective: Gain strategies to improve innate qualities by tightening up inefficiencies.

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Skill development and recovery coaching, specific to managing symptoms of ADHD and substance abuse issues.

Objective: Gain strategies to improve recovery efforts by creating positive habits.

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Relationship coaching, specific to managing symptoms of ADHD for people with ADHD and their spouses.

Objective: Gain strategies to improve relationship satisfaction and intimacy and decrease conflict.

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Parent coaching for those with teens and kids with ADHD.  Specific topics include homework, time management, discipline, school accommodations as well as parenting when you have ADHD.

Objective: Gain strategies to improve household harmony, decrease conflict, and teach life skills to your child. 

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Understanding lateral thinking, pattern identification and systems theory and integrating with personal and professional experience, Dr. Walsh collaborates with you to create your perfect beat.  Unlock potential and innovate instinctively with unique insights and perspectives on clinical and business problems.

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