The Feelings Wheel: A Tool for Improving Emotional Intelligence

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How do YOU feel? Expand your emotional vocabulary with The Feelings Wheel.

Many of my clients struggle to identify and name their emotions.  I’ll ask how they are feeling and what I’ll get back is either what they thought or a description of what happened.  Ideally, our parents helped us to name our emotions when they happened.  Often, we were just told to stop feeling.  

A Handy Tool:
The Feelings Wheel

Feelings Wheel

How and When to Use The Feelings Wheel

I like the idea of taking your “emotional temperature.”  A few times a day, ask yourself the simple question: “How do I feel right now?”  If you’re not able to answer in a way that feels ‘just right,’ consult the feelings wheel.  Poke around and see what fits.

The feelings lists are just suggestions and are by no means all the feelings that exist.  Think of it like a box of crayons: the center is a starter box of basic colors, the middle is the expanded box and the outer circle is all the color combinations.

The more you use it, the better you'll get.
Print it out and put it on the fridge!

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