Sorry My Dad is Dead: A Primer in Grief

Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Pocket Grief is not a one-time event.  My Dad died when I was 27 years old and he was 53.  We...

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A Tree, Lost in the Forest

Therapy is sometimes long, hard work. In the meantime, waiting for the fruits of one's labor requires patience. ​​...

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Don’t Let Me Be a Burden

Right after I turned 40 and lost my youth (by Millennial standards), I got separated and divorced.  Anyone who is in the divorce club will...

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Threatening the Bonds That Tie Us

So many times, we fear changing because of what it will do to the important relationships in our lives. ...

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No one’s gonna read your blog

I’ve got these voices in my head that seemingly got installed or evolved through the course of my upbringing. ...

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Disclaimers: A different kind of informed consent

Part of my job is to see clients in my private practice. I love my job and take my role and responsibilities very seriously....

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